(Sp. model spelled same [t∫aparal] < chaparro 'short, stubby' probably of pre-Roman origin, and apparently related to the dialectal Basque term txapar(ra), a diminutive of saphar(ra) 'thicket' or 'hedge' plus the Spanish collective suffix -al)
   Texas: 1842. As Watts observes, it appears that this term originally applied exclusively to the scrub oak. It now refers to a number of thicket-forming, often thorny shrubs or small trees, and to a large dense thicket formed by these plants. It may also refer to a plain covered with such unruly brush (see also brasada). Clark indicates that this term applies especially to shrubs and trees of the genera Acacia, Ceanothus, Condalia, Forestiera, and Quercus. Hendrickson notes that this term has become recognized throughout the United States because of its use in western films. The DRAE references chaparral as a place covered in chaparros, which may be either a variety of shrublike oak trees with many branches, or a Central American malpighiaceous bush with clustered flowers, round fruit, and opposite leaves that are thick and petiolate. This second plant grows on dry plains and has thick, knotty, resistant branches used to make walking sticks. Santamaría defines chaparral as either the common name of a wild rhamnaceous plant native to central and northern Mexico (Condalia obovata), or a place abounding in chaparros. Santamaría gives several definitions for chaparro. It is generally a bush found in tropical regions in the Americas whose rough-textured leaves are sometimes used as sandpaper and whose bark is rich in tannin. On the southern coast of Mexico, it refers to several varieties of oak trees of the genus Quercus. In Tabasco, Mexico, it is an isolated mass of vegetation formed by vines and short trees, and in all of Mexico it is the common name given to the Aythia collaris, a plant native to the northern part of the continent. Islas concurs with the definition given by Santamaría for chaparro in Tabasco, Mexico, but he says that it is a low-lying thicket.
   Alternate forms: chaparrelle, chaparro, chaperelle, chapparal, chapparall, chapparo, chapparral, chapperell, chapporal.
   Black chaparral
   Glossed by Watts as a type of live-oak brush native to southwest Texas. Chaparro prieto is glossed in the DM as a plant of the genus Mimosa. Also known (in English) as chaparro prieto.

Cowboy Talk. A Dictionary of Spanish Terms. . 2013.

(of brambles and thorny shrubs)

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